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Country Coordinator Jobs in Mozambique


1: Define and ensure implementation of the representation strategy. - To define, together with the coordination team and headquarters, Oikos’ strategy in Mozambique for the next 2 / 3 years. - To adapt / evolve the representation strategy, in accordance with any developments in the context of the country - Setting objectives and priorities of the country office.

2: Ensure the financial and operational follow-up of the activities of Representation - To monitor the development of the program Oikos, with the support of the team - To ensure sound financial management and operational representation and projects in direct collaboration with the manager and field coordinator - To ensure timely and quality reporting in accordance with the requirements of headquarters and donors

3: To support the identification and development of new projects - To assess the needs of the context and opportunities for development of new proposals, in collaboration with the teams on the ground - To support the definition of intervention’ priorities and means to use - To support the preparation and review of proposals and reports before they are sent to the Headquarters (drafts and final versions), according to internal guidelines and funding

4: To ensure good coordination of the functioning of the representation - To manage the representation’ human resources, being directly responsible administrator and coordinator of land - To define and adapt, when necessary, the establishment of representation and profile descriptions of the team - To solve potential conflicts within the team, with support from headquarters, when necessary - To ensure good communication between the headquarters and the field

5: To Represent the organization to stakeholders, local authorities and partners

The Oikos Coordinator in Mozambique is the legal representative of the organization in the country - To represent, in a dignified and appropriate manner, the institutions and organization to national and international actors, in accordance with the mandate and principles of the organization and respect for the narrow internal code of conduct - To define and negotiate the terms of interventions and proposals with funders and partners in the country, according to the strategic and operational interests of the organization - To increase the volume of intervention and ensure the operational and financial stability of the representation - To diversify the current range of partners and funders, giving priority to development and consortia of private sector intervention and - To ensure a fluent and regular dialogue with partners and potential funders, with frequent reporting on Oikos’ activities / prospects in the country

6: To manage the safety of representation team

The CP is primarily responsible for the safety of the program, personal and Oikos’ property in the country

    * Follow the evolution of security in the country and the political / social context
    * Analyze potential security risks and take appropriate action as necessary The CP participates in:

• Program definition • Proposals’ preparation • Budgeting (project / annual representation) Reports - Sit-reports. For: Project Department (headquarters) - Project reports’: For: headquartes (validation). Stakeholders in the field. - Monthly Report:For: Project department (headquarters)
- Monthly Financial Report (Admin) For: Financial Department (headquarters)

Staff management:              

• Field coordinators: 4 • Admin (Maputo): 1

Specific Functions To define Objectives, evaluation, vacancy profiles. Human resources recruitment


Educational / Technical qualifications / level of expertise: - Higher Education - Experience in project cycle management - Experience in team management in the context of development and humanitarian aid - Management capacity and strategic vision - High knowledge of the dynamics of international finance institutions. - High bargaining power and representation - Capacity of delegation and supervision


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