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Deputy Regional Director Job at CARE in South Africa

CARE is seeking an experienced Deputy Regional Director - Program Support (DRD - PS) to assist Country Offices in the region strengthen management and accountability and reduce risk in all areas of Program Support.
The DRD-PS will be responsible for the oversight of and support to Country Offices in all areas of Program Support, including Finance, Administration, Information Technology and Human Resources. S/he will work closely with the Regional Director and Regional Controller to ensure that the COs in the region have effective and efficient P/S functions in place and that those functions operate at levels in line with agreed upon organizational standards. The DRD - PS will do this by identifying weaknesses through CO visits and reviews of CO financial and audit reports and then working with the COs to correct those weaknesses.
The DRD - PS will oversee the execution of policies and procedures for Program Support developed by CARE HQ. S/he will also identify, record and share best practices in the area of P.S. The DRD - PS will liaise closely with HQ point persons in the areas of finance, IT, HR.
The DRD - PS will visit COs on a regular basis to review structures, systems and capacities and then offer assistance in helping rectify areas which have been identified for improvement. S/he will also identify common concerns across the COs in the region and identify systemic solutions to those concerns. The DRD - PS will promote collaboration across the COs, as well as maintain close relations with the appropriate units in HQ.
· Financial oversight, review and support
· Program support oversight, review and support
· Staff capacity building and support
· Strategic analysis
· Compliance
· Networking and liaison
· Bachelor's degree in a field related to management (including finance, HR, procurement, etc.) , backed up and updated by appropriate supplemental training.
· At least 5 years experience (at least 3 at the ACD level) in management of Program Support functions.
· Fluency (if needed) in at least one key language relevant to the region.
· Ability to lead teams and promote cross learning.
· Comprehensive knowledge of the operating environment and challenges of a variety of Finance and P/S systems, including SCALA.
· Practical, hands-on professional experience in accounting, auditing, financial analysis, management of IT equipment and systems, and donor reporting.
· Knowledge of the policies, regulations, reporting formats, and cultures of CARE’s principle donors, including USAID, EC, DFID, NORAD, DANIDA, and others.
· Training and facilitation skills.
· Master’s level degree in a field related to financial management, backed-up and updated by appropriate supplemental training.
· At least 10 years experience (at least 5 at the ACD level) in management of Program Support functions in a diverse range of CARE COs, encompassing both development and emergency programs in large and small COs of different languages and cultures
· Proficiency in additional language(s) relevant to the region
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Our diversity is our strength; we encourage people from all backgrounds and experiences, particularly women, to apply.

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