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Rights Media Radio Intern jobs in Ghana

Host Organization: Diamond FM
Description of Host Organization: The first commercial station in the northern city of Tamale, Diamond FM has been in operation since 2002. Diamond FM is one of the most listened to stations in Ghana’s Northern region and is committed to producing stories unique to Tamale, including stories about Muslim issues, agriculture, gender and poverty.
Length of placement: 6 months, starting in January 2012
Remuneration: monthly stipend, flight and visa/vaccination expenses
Job Description: 1) Assist in the Production of Human Rights and Governance Content: The intern will work in the newsrooms of Diamond FM. Their job will be to work side-by-side with local journalists, training and assisting in researching human rights and governance stories. The intern will work with the local journalists through all elements of story production, from initial conception through broadcast. Their job is NOT to write or voice the story—it is merely to guide and assist the local journalist to report on human rights. jhr’s goal is to transfer knowledge—not to do the work ourselves.
2) Deputy News Editor Role: The interns will participate in editorial meetings at Diamond FM. By participating in story assignment and the news process, the intern will help add a human rights and good governance angle to many general news stories.
3) Journalism Information Kits: The intern will train local journalists on the research and writing skills needed to research and develop kits for reporting on specific human rights and governance issues. The purpose of these kits is to provide background information on a specific topic to all journalists at a host organization. Interns will also be expected to provide practical information in the journalism tool kits, such as interviewing techniques, sourcing a story and sound editing. Kits will be developed on a variety of human rights and governance topics including gender issues and HIV/AIDS.
4) Workplace Workshops: Workshops will be held within the newsroom of Diamond FM. Each workshop will focus on various information and techniques necessary to report effectively on human rights and governance issues. The training will be inclusive and respectful of differing levels of ability. Workshops will cover a variety of topics and will be tailored to the needs of those with whom the intern works. The workshops can be both formal and informal in structure depending on the nature of the particular occasion.
5) Canadian Engagement: The intern will write one blog posting per month focusing on their personal experiences as a Canadian intern working in Ghana. The intern will also submit to jhr and/or Speak Magazine 4 stories/articles that they have worked with local journalists to produce, each month, and will speak at one Canadian University about their experiences upon their return.
• A postsecondary degree or diploma in journalism • Experience working in radio production • Experience or demonstrable interest in teaching and training • Knowledge of human rights • Excellent personal skills • Excellent written and communication skills • Knowledge of the country Ghana
IYIP Eligibility criteria:
• be between 19 and 30 years of age • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident legally entitled to work in Canada • be a post-secondary graduate • be unemployed or underemployed • out of school • ready to begin their professional career • have not participated in an internship with the Career Focus stream of the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy (YES)
Deadline: Please submit an application form (found at, cover letter and resume to by November 4, 2011

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