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JOB TITLE: WASH Program Manager
Background Water and sanitation is not a new issue for the Republic of Djibouti in general and for the rural areas in particular. Over the recent years, a number of experts have clearly highlighted the scarcity of water in this semi-desert country of the Horn of Africa; a scarcity mainly due to poor quality water, difficult access to available resources essentially abstracted from groundwater (more than 95 per cent), fluctuating rainfall and the occurrence of drought,
However, the current drought exceeds normal fluctuations. Insufficient rainfall since 2005 (less than 50% of the normal average recorded since September 2007) has had a direct and life-threatening impact upon the most vulnerable, particularly pastoralists and rural dwellers. This year’s drought – the fourth consecutive year of failed rainfall in terms of its quantity and regularity has led to the depletion of water reserves. Many traditional surface and subsurface water sources dried up whilst the water table level of the aquifer in many deep boreholes went drastically down.
In addition, the increasing violence and instability in south-central Somalia has resulted in increasing numbers of refugees entering into Djibouti. The total number of Somali refugees in Djibouti stands currently at some 17,500, of whom 70% are women and children.
CARE will responding by working with local and international partners to increase access to safe drinking water, proper sanitation facilities and to improve the hygienic practices of both host communities and refugees in Ali Sabieh district, Ali Addeh and Hol Hol refugee camps.
1- Management and Supervision of Programs and Staff: The WASH PM will be responsible for the overall management aspects of the programs, planning of activities on daily, weekly and monthly basis, follow up of the budget and the materials related to the programs, recruitment , training and evaluation of new staff.
2- Analysis- To follow up and analyze the WASH situation: • Identify priorities in terms of assessments • Plan, define and manage assessments • Setting up of indicators • Regular collection of relevant data • Define relevant solution s to the situation
3- Orientation of the WASH strategy • In collaboration with the coordination teams, working on orientation of WS programs, • Capitalization of the experience gained on the field • Define best practice • Define, plan and write the overall technical strategy, yearly action plan and donor applications
4- Ensure coherence and support for logistics, finance and administration issues regarding the WASH department • In collaboration with Administrator, follow -up of the WASH budgets and expenditure provisional • In collaboration with the Administrator, follow – up of WASH human resources policy • In collaboration with the field co, and logistic officer, manage of equipment supply when necessary, orders preparation and orders follow up
5- Report writing • Monthly technical compilation reports • Monthly contribution to sit rep and activity update • Donor reports and proposals • Ad- hoc reports
6- External Coordination • To participate to the WASH coordination meetings in Djibouti(and in regional coordination hubs when possible) and representing CARE in a professional manner- Cluster Approach • To coordinate CARE activities with other partners involved in WASH programs • To improve the collaboration with the technical departments of the governmental service lined with CARE water and sanitation programs
Degree in water resources management, Civil/Environmental engineering, or equivalent
3 years humanitarian aid experience in the WASH sector applied in emergency response operations.
Opening program/ missions experience is an asset.
Competencies: • Ability to capitalize on past experience and information available within the organization in order to become self sufficient and autonomous quickly • Very good coordination(internal and external) skills • Proven skills in training and management • Excellent inter- personal, communication and representative skills • Fluency in French • Experience working with host government, INGO and national NGO • Experience in donor relations • Ability to take initiative where appropriate to deal with difficulties encountered in daily works • Ability to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation within the mission • Ability to live and work within a team and respect the rules of collective living • Ability to integrate into the local environment including awareness of political and economic aspects of the country • Ability to conduct work in a professional and mature manner • Ability to deal with relations with local authorities • Ability to manage local staff in a mature and impartial manner • Experience with project management cycle(PMC), budgets and donor requirements
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