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Communications Specialist Consultancy in Mali

Communications Specialist Consultancy, Bamako, Mali
Company Profile: Management Systems International (MSI) is a global international development firm based in Washington, D.C. providing specialized short- and long-term technical assistance. MSI is part of Coffey International Development, a global international development consulting firm. Together with Coffey ID, MSI now has more than 1,500 development professionals worldwide, a corporate presence in 11 countries and manages more than 200 projects worldwide. It currently manages more than 20 long-term projects in countries, including Iraq, Sudan, Colombia and Russia. Broadly, MSI implements a range of analytical and field projects in its core technical areas, including democracy and governance, strategic management and performance improvement, organizational capacity building, human development and natural resource management. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at
Project/Proposal Summary:
The Mali PGP2 – Support to Local Governance and Decentralization Project is a shared governance program in partnership with the “Ministère de l’Administration Territoriale et des Collectivités Locales,” designed by the the United States Agency for International Development. The PGP2 program aims at contributing to the consolidation of the decentralization process in the Republic of Mali. The project is commonly referred in French as the “Programme de Gouvernance Partagée (PGP))” and is fully funded by USAID. The project, which started in 2009, runs for a period of five years.
Position Summary: MSI is seeking a highly qualified communications consultant to assist the PGP2 team in the development of its capacities in internal and external communication. Internal communication entails the development of a strategy and tools for PGP2 communication purposes. External communication consists in strengthening the partner communes’ actors’ capacities to develop strategies, messages, facilitate debates and feedback loops that enable a dynamic two-way communication system. This will be a two week assignment in Bamako.
Responsibilities: • Work with the MSI/PGP2 team on a concise, internal communication strategy that can be implemented with limited resources; • PGP2 needs to clearly show more forcefully the linkages between governance and the other sectors of development, such as health and education. Funding for PGP2 is provided, in part, through these units in USAID/Mali. The consultant will review PGP2’s approach to implementation in these areas, and produce easy-to-read materials that communicate the link between governance and other sectors and show PGP2’s value and impact in this regard; • Review PGP2’s annual and previous two quarterly reports and provide suggestions to make this reporting more impactful and useful for USAID/Mali purposes, demonstrating PGP2’s value • Develop a PowerPoint presentation with key PGP2 messages in an attractive and impactful way. • Review and revise success stories coming from the field and develop two new PGP2 success stories.
Qualifications: • Demonstrated expertise in communication strategy and capacity development for international development programs; • Degree in communication, journalism, international development or a related field; • Full written and verbal fluency (FS-5) in both French and English; • Strong verbal, written, and graphic communication skills applied in the field of democracy and governance; • Country or regional experience preferred.
Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.
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