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Application Deadline :22-Oct-11

Human Development Report:
UNDP Sudan in partnership and collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security are preparing the production of Sudan’s First National Human Development Report in the series of National Human Development.   Since its first publication in 1990, the HDRs have become an invaluable resource in the area of international development debate. The Report's’ messages and the tools to implement them, have been embraced by people through a complete research process and will be available in English and Arabic.
The following are target audiences of the National Human Development Report:
  • Political leaders, decision and policy makers in both developed and developing countries
  • Development experts in developed and developing countries
  • Media and other opinion leaders in developed and developing countries
  • Development NGOs and other civil society groups
  • Universities and university students.

The theme of the Sudan Human Development Report 2011 is on peace and human development. The title of the NHDR is: “Geography of peace. Putting human development at the center of peace in Sudan.”  The NHDR analyzes the relationship between peace and human development in Sudan. It reviews the history of violent conflict in Sudan in a forward-looking way to address current and future challenges. The NHDR presents new information on human development measures, focused on literacy, education, multidimensional and income poverty, and analyzes the impacts of violence in creating regional inequalities in Sudan, where Southern Sudan and Darfur clearly lag behind other regions and states in the country. The NHDR also studies the history of peace agreements in Sudan, arguing that this history should focus more on including Sudanese affected by conflict and insecurity in the design of peace and in the implementation of peace processes. Moreover, the goal of peace should be to expand the human freedoms of Sudanese people. While the deep human costs of violence are discussed, the NHDR takes a positive position to use the tools and perspective of human development to advance progress on peace in Sudan.
The NHDR is a very complex production process, working to a very tight timeframe. The Contractor must be prepared to work closely with the UNDP HDR team, in the understanding that the final decision on all aspects of the Report (including content, presentation, appearance etc.) will lie with UNDP. The Contractor must also be prepared to respond to any queries from the team which will be responsible for the Report’s layout. Contractors should provide cost estimates.

Duties and Responsibilities

The NHDR Copy-Editor, is expected to work in close collaboration with the NHDR Team, and perform the following functions/key results:
  • The copy editor will be responsible for editing the Report’s chapters and narrative sections with a view to ensure: clarity and continuity of the argument and review, organize, and consolidate material for the Report as well as ensure clarity of structure and core themes.
  • Oversee copy-editing of the Report for readability and consistency.
  • Proof-reading of layout files of the Report and Summary.
  • At the beginning of the assignment the editor may be requested to discus in close consultation with the Lead Author and the NHDR Team.
  • Special attention will be paid to the role of boxes, graphics and tables, the objective being to bring the different components of the draft together.
  • The copy editor will concentrate on flow and clarity of argument, sequencing, consistency, especially between text and tables and figures and integration of text and boxes, content errors, style and punctuation, spelling and grammar.
    -The editor will also perform proofreading, checking spelling, country and city names as well as acronyms and other abbreviations (making sure that they follow official U.N. terminology and conventions), style consistency, callouts, layout problems, references, etc.
The Contractor is expected to complete the work during 8 days. The Contractor is as well expected to work closely with the layout team should the need for assistance arise during the typesetting of the Report and for finalization of all design elements.


  • Understand the concept of human development and Human Development Reports themes
  • Experience in working with statistical data and statistical indicators, and be familiar with the logic and structure of complex statistical tables and concepts.
  • Demonstrate substantive and technical knowledge to meet responsibilities and post requirements with excellence.
  • Demonstrate strong written communication skills and excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Considerable experience of and a high reputation of editing reports/documents similar to the HDR, with proven outstanding technical skills and be familiar with the United Nations and its operations.
  • The Contractor must have sufficient personnel with the various kinds of expertise needed for this type of work, to allow for flexibility in timing.
  • Maintain strong and effective team spirit.
  • Ability to work under pressure.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Master's degree in journalism, social sciences/economic fields.
  • Minimum of 15 years of relevant experience as a Writer/Editor and of proofreading or related experience.
  • Excellent written and spoken command of Arabic and English.
  • Submit a financial offer (lumpsum or daily/monthly rate), along with a curriculum vitae  and work plan/technical offer.

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