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Field Coordinator Job in Kenya at Action Against Hunger-USA

Duration: 12 months

General objective

The Field Coordinator reports directly to the Country Director (CD) he/she is responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and ensuring integration between ACF-USA programs, as well as liaising with various external partners on humanitarian issues for the specific area of Dadaab.

Specific objectives

   1. To develop the definition and oversee the implementation of the Country strategy at field level in collaboration with program managers and other members of the coordination team.
   2. To provide general support and guidance to the field team and to draft program documents including program planning, proposal & grant writing and donor reporting for the attention of the Nairobi coordination team
   3. To positively and effectively represent ACF Kenya’s interests to donors and partner agencies and bodies at district & provincial level.
   4. To analyze the political, economic, humanitarian and social context of the area (including in neighboring districts & provinces if relevant) in coordination with the field team and disseminate the information to relevant staff member within the Mission.
   5. To ensure the overall management of security in collaboration with the log-admin and support of log-coordinator (people and assets).
   6. To ensure the overall Management of program objectives, implementation and outcomes at field level
   7. To ensure the overall Management of human resources at field level.
   8. To ensure the overall Management of Finance accountability at field level
   9. Overall Management of Logistic at field level
         1. To carry out advocacy activities in coordination with HOM

Roles and Responsibilities

Objective 1:

Effectively develop the definition of the district strategy

* Initiate the development of field office strategy in line with the overall country Mission strategy and in collaboration with the field team and local community when relevant.
* Oversee the successful implementation of the field program strategy in liaison with the Program Managers.
* Ensure the integration and coherence of the activities within the Country strategy.
* Highlight the need of reviewing the strategy if necessary.

Objective 2:

To support, guide and ensure program planning, implementation, proposal-grant writing, and donor reporting

* To take the lead in concept/proposal writing in collaboration with the program managers.
* In liaison with Programme department oversee good compliance of the implemented activities with the objectives of the mission and of the proposals.
* To visit regularly programs activities;
* Oversee the good cohesion between program needs and support department (log/fin/HR)
* Inform/update country director and Coordination team on the field situation–by providing comprehensive monthly situation reports
* Ensure that each program activity progress reports are timely done and disseminated to the coordination team.
* Report on attended meetings or trainings to the Country director
* In liaison with Program Managers facilitate effective and efficient donor’s reporting: respect of the deadlines, ensure compliance with the donor’s formats/guidelines, coherence of the document, respect of the indicators of results and justification for non-achievement of the objectives/activities
* In collaboration with Program Managers, ensure the cohesion of the program team.
* Facilitate meetings between field departments at least once a week – to update each others on the implementation of the activities and issues requiring coordination.
* The program managers are responsible for the sector and technical field coordination meetings, including bi-lateral coordination with agencies. The field coordinator is a relay for the coordination taking place in Nairobi. S/he attends meeting and coordinates with relevant agencies on behalf of the Program Managers when they express the need for it. S/he also calls Program Managers’ attention to unplanned meetings to be attended and coordinates to ensure the representation of ACF-USA to relevant meetings.
* The field coordinator will encourage/facilitate communication between technical Coordinators and PMs.
* Field coordinator ensures that the respective Program Managers are informed and involved in the external coordination (e.g. participation to Wescoord/ DSG meetings).
* The field coordinator is the focal point for external people looking for program information and re-direction to relevant Program Managers for specific/technical questions.

Objective 3:

To positively and effectively represent ACF Kenya’s interests to donors and collaborating agencies and bodies at field level.

* To stress the international mandate and Charter of ACF internally and externally
* To defend humanitarian principles
* To undertake networking relations with stakeholders (Gov, Ngo’s, UN, civil society)
* To participate in external communication activities.
* To maintain regular relations with donors (OFDA, ECHO, DFID, Embassies, UN), especially during their visits of programme implementation areas.

Objective 4:

To analyze the political, economic, humanitarian and social context of the area (including in neighboring districts & provinces if relevant) and disseminate the information within the Mission.

* Data collection, research and analyze
* Develop of an information network
* Support and encourage program managers and support departments in their humanitarian
* and situation analysis
* Redaction in collaboration with program managers and support the team for field monthly SITREPs

Objective 5:

Ensure the security of people and assets (in collaboration with the log Coordo and Country director).

* Analysis, identification, quantification and, through line management, mitigation of assessed risks.
* Maintenance of updated security plan (MOS) every 6 months in coordination with the field team and seek validation from L
* Development and maintenance of security network (formal/informal) at provincial level.
* Training and compliance of ACF staff towards security regulations.
* Ensuring proper coordination and handling of Incident Reports and crisis response.
* Stress the security rules to the teams.

Objective 6:

Supervise Management of human resources in the Districts.

* To supervise with support of the HR manager the work of the District HR officer
* To ensure the respect of all HR procedures in the district
* To oversee the HR management in collaboration with the district HR officer.
* Circulate information between team members
* Job description approval;
* Briefing and debriefing of district team member
* Supervision of regular evaluations (done by line manager)
* Undertake final evaluations on staff directly lined managed in coordination with the technical coordinator.
* Stress management of its team
* Conflicts resolution in collaboration with District HR officer, HR manager and Log Co
* To maintain the team spirit and communication between the teams;
* Validate the country human resources policy within the district
* Ensure a fair and efficient national staff management policy

Objective 7:

Supervise Management of district finance

* Responsible of the supervising monthly forecast and ensuring cohesion with BFU and forecast follow up in collaboration with admin and Head of base.
* Responsible for the financial authorization of the expenses done on the base in compliance with the monthly treasury forecast
* To ensure the respect of all financial and cash procedures on the district
* To supervise, with support of Financial Controller, the work of the Administrator
* To oversee the budget management in collaboration with Finance department (producing BFU) and PM.

Objective 8:

Supervise Management of Logistic at district level

* To supervise with support of the Log coordinator the work of the District Log
* To ensure the respect of all Logistic procedures on the district
* To oversee the Logistic management in collaboration with the District Log.
* Ensure coherence and fluidity of information between log and progr/ log and other support function (HR, Finance)

Objective 9:

Advocacy at district level in coordination with HOM

* Participate to the elaboration of the advocacy strategy plan
* Ensure the follow-up at district level of the country advocacy plan (in the country strategy)
* Present the situation analysis to relevant UN agencies, other NGO, local authorities, diplomats or other partners at district level when relevant.
* Work on specific issues with interested team member and develop the analysis on these issues to propose to CD and Coordo team
* Maintain and expand the network of contacts in the district and outside to effectively advocate changes to benefit our target populations.
* Exchange information and perform coordination and sometimes collective action with other agencies on this issue

Education / specific degree / special skills:

* Management Qualification.
* Good field skills and experience managing programmes and managing/ supervising team.
* Security high awareness and sensitiveness.
* Ability to train, coach and lead others.
* At least 5 years of relevant experience.
* Good representation competences.

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