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Livelihoods, Education and Child Protection Urban Analysis Consultants

Save the Children in South Sudan (SCiSS) is to undertake an urban situational analysis in the key urban centres of Juba and Malakal concluding with the design of a programmatic options paper to be presented to the SCISS team. The options paper will allow the team to discuss, choose, and modify the options presented to form a concept note to initiate urban programming in South Sudan.
As the DFID-funded 2010 ODI study on Urbanisation in Sudan states, “urbanisation in Southern Sudan is a fact of life”. Sudan has been one of the fastest urbanising regions in recent times, a fact leading to high levels of vulnerability in areas traditionally not covered by the aid community. Juba town alone has an approximated population of 500,000 people (a significant proportion of whom are children). Government officials state that Juba town has approximately 30,000 street children. Another 30,000 street children are estimated to be coming back/or have come back from the North, to settle in other key towns (Malakal / Wau /Rumbek / Bor etc).
Investment since the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement on the development of Juba, has led primarily to a focus on infrastructural development (roads, and ministries) and to services that serve only a more wealthy fraction of the population, leading to a growing rich/poor divide in urban centres and a ‘forgotten’ population that does not receive the benefits of the usually rural focus of NGOs (who provide approx 80% of basic services in South Sudan). Save the Children’s programming internationally is largely based in rural areas. This assessment will therefore assist broader thinking in terms of research methodologies and tools for conducting urban multi-sectoral assessment featuring; food security and livelihoods, education, and child protection.
Please review the attached document for more information.
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